Video, Voice and Internet solutions

Apartment or Condo? viaTV has you covered. Choose from bulk Tv and Internet or direct to home delivery.  Our TV solutions are provided with a single dish on building providing every tenant with the highest quality DirecTV programming. High Speed Internet is delivered to the unit via Cat5e cable, eliminating the need for additional modems or routers, just plug in and go.

Bulk Highlights:

  • Superior quality picture and sound from DIRECTV
  • Single dish per building no ugly wires and dishes on balconies
  • Flexible A LA Carte programing options that fit your needs
  • Demo accounts available for common areas
  • Complete support/warranty included in monthly costs
  • Deliver as an amenity or make it a revenue source for your property
  • Individual upgrades available for sports/movie/and upgrade package options
  • Super-fast Internet with  speeds up to 1 gig available (area dependent)

Resident Choice options:

  • Single dish solution
  • Resident pays  for services billed to them individually
  • Super-fast internet available and billed to the residents individually
  • Gain more tenants by providing a choice
  • Internet available for common areas such as pool, community rooms, etc.
  • Demo accounts available for common areas
  • Home phone service provided as well